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We are dedicated to giving our members a comprehensive education in fundamental financial concepts. Our new members participate in weekly education sessions where they can learn about equity research, valuation, and financial modeling. 

Professional Development

We provide our members with resources and a diverse alumni network to achieve their professional goals. By working towards actionable goals, we guide our members in developing the necessary skillsets to succeed in their chosen industries.


We aim to foster a social culture that promotes collaboration and a tight-knit community. From social events to team projects, members have the opportunity to build an extensive network of driven individuals from diverse backgrounds with unique interests.

Our Pillars

Club Involvement


Our members meet on a weekly basis to review market trends, research equities, and develop quantitative trading methods. For those working on fundamental investment teams, this means conducting research and performing financial analysis to pitch stocks for our fund. For those working on a quantitative teams, weekly meetings consist of building out the components of our algorithms. 

Professional Resources



Within our mentorship program, members will be paired with upperclassmen who have a deep understanding of the industry to guide them through their personal and professional goals.

Recruitment Preparation


We strive to equip our members with a the necessary tools to succeed in their recruitment process. Some resources we offer are: resume reviews, cover letter workshops, mock interviews and a comprehensive educational curriculum developed to navigate the technical component of interviews.

Networking Opportunities

We want our members to build a robust network of professionals to guide them in their career paths and make long-lasting personal connections. We hold club-exclusive networking events with partner companies and give our members access to the MIG alumni database . 

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